Ready To Burn

Woodsure's 'Ready to Burn' accreditation is a new DEFRA endorsed certification mark, available to wood log suppliers who can guarantee that their logs have a moisture content below 20%.


Why should you use 'Ready to Burn' logs?


- Properly dried logs with a low moisture content - 

- Produce more energy / heat than wet logs - saving you time and money

- Produce less smoke and emissions than wet logs - better for you, your chimney / flue and your surroundings

- Are lighter and easier to move and store

- Spit and crackle less than wet logs

- Are suitable for use in smoke control areas


Try EcoBlaze's 'Ready to Burn' logs today, and enjoy the benefits of using great quality, sustainable and dry wood fuel.

"If a log is 3kg and the moisture content is 33%, that's 1 litre of water being poured into your stove"