ecoBlaze - Firewood

EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Firewood is available in both large 20L bags of birch and extra large 30L bags of ash. The bagged wood receives an extra day in the kiln to minimise moisture, and the bags have micro pores to release any humidity. Both bag types will generate spontaneous purchases from garden centres, convenience shops and garage forecourts, and will be of a quality rarely seen in these outlets.

The bags will also carry the Woodsure Ready to Burn full colour logo, guaranteeing a moisture content below 25% and acting as a quality guarantee for the customer.


Wet vs Dry


Take a look at our Wet vs Dry burning comparison, as we prove why burning Kiln Dried Firewood is so superior.

ecoBlaze - Firewood Crates

EcoBlaze Kiln Dried Firewood is available from White Horse Energy & Amazon. With Ash, Birch, Oak & Hornbeam all available in a range of crate sizes.




Let us do the heavy lifting, our firewood comparison video will show you the side by side burning characteristic as well as the burning durations of each of our firewood types. Which firewood will you be going for this year?