ecoBlaze RUF Fire Blocks

Briquette Comparison

Huge heat output & multiple hour burn time make briquettes a must for your wood burner! This White Horse Energy video shows all our EcoBlaze Briquettes burning side by side. 

RUF Fire Blocks

EcoBlaze RUF is unique brick shaped Briquette commonly known as either a Heat Block, Heat Log or RUF. EcoBlaze RUF's Briquettes tremendous characteristics such as being long lasting, eco-friendly, carbon neutral & produced from clean organic hardwoods. High caloric value, easy to store & made from the high grade of source material dried to <12% moisture & densely pressed it's with 12 in a pack it's very easy to see why its one of Europe's most popular Briquette types. Please ensure you don't try and start these without either using some kindling or placing them on a bed of coals. Briquettes/ Eco Logs don't start well with just firelighters!!! EcoBlaze restaurant grade charcoal is screened to a large grade than regular charcoal. This means it will light faster & then burn hotter, longer & more consistently with an authentic barbecue flavour.


RUF Heat Blocks
Pini Kay

Pini-Kay Briquettes

EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ is the pinnacle of the wood briquette space. Fierce burning, long-lasting , eco-friendly with an unmatched heat output. If you are looking for the ultimate briquette experience you can’t go wrong with EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™. Manufactured from clean wood waste, burning EcoBlaze Pini-Kay™ is a carbon neutral experience. You won't regret making this purchase 


Nestro Heat Logs

EcoBlaze™ Nestro Briquettes are super dense cylinder Briquette, providing a lengthy burn time & are a super energy efficient. The EcoBlaze™ Nestro’s are packed full of recycled hardwoods then are pressed & kilned in such a way that it results in a ginormous energy density.

Given the nature of the denseness of the Nestro’s we would certainly advice using once your heating source is at peak temperature to ensure the Briquette catches, once lit the burn time is unmatched. With little ash residue, minimal expansion & ease of handling really make Nestro’s a perfect purchase.

Nestro Briquettes